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    We are offer 4 different essences for our traders: use application client for your OS, MetaTrader client for
    Windows or MacOSX, Web trading interface or MetaTrader5 web version - it's up to you.
  • Support department
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    Global support service which are working with hard SLA and always ready to assist you with any service related to IDChain.
  • Use it as shared or dedicated service!
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What is Interactive Decisions Chain project

Stable Blockchain wrapped up in Customer Friendly innovative services, flavored with rocket-charged support team.

Exemplary Blockchain

IDC Coin is extensively tested before each release. We are working hard to minimize any issues with the blockchain.

Hybrid DEX implementation

A fast and secure DEX engine with all the benefits of traditional centralized exchanges.

Supplementary services

CDA - Clone Detection Agent, TNB - Trade Notifier Bot, Meta Trader 5 server deployment - learn more in our WhitePaper.

What we offer

Main roadmap

Find main checkpoints for year 2019 in our short roadmap. Also find attached detailed strategy of project in Documents section or in the bottom of short roadmap.
  • June 14, 2019. Blockchain launch
    IDC Coin launch. Windows/Linux Wallets. Block explorer. MasterNodes. No POS at this step. First masternode sell with fix price.
  • June 15, 2019. Initial presale
    Sell first MasterNodes as seed pre-sale. Form of sale - auction.
    TOP 5-buyers are transforming to shareholders of main project.
    KYC required. 1
  • June 2019. Additional versions
    of thunderscloud wallet releases, POS
    POS activation. MacOSX release. ARM based linux release. Hardware nodes release.
  • June 2019. Initial listing.
    Listing on stock exchanges to force IDCC re-circulation and mining volume increase. Exchange will be chosen together with community.
  • June 2019. Bounty campaign launch.
    To get more attention to the project we will launch a massive bounty campaign.
  • July 2019. Electrum wallet release
    Lightweight client-server wallet version for Windows, Linux and MacOSX release.
  • August 2019. Main events.
    We are launching a few important things here: completely new sections of website2 and DEX Beta version3.
  • September 2019. Most important time for IDChain project.
    IDChain v.2.0.0 release "Autumn rain". ID.DEX production version launch. Initial listed pairs: BTC / LTC, BTC / ETH, BTC / DOGE, BTC / WAC (Warranty chain), BTC / SOVE (Soverain), BTC / STREAM (Streamit), BTC / VERS (Verses), BTC / SPDR (SpiderVPS), BTC / CLR (Clear), BTC / ESBC (Esbc), BTC / OTO (Otocash), LTC / WAC, LTC / SOVE, LTC / STREAM, ETH / WAC, ETH / SOVE, ETH / STREAM, DOGE / WAC, DOGE / SOVE, DOGE / STREAM.
  • November 2019. POS Only.
    Hard-fork of IDC: only POS emission starting November 1, 2019. Meta Trader 5 server beta deploy. Final profit sharing scheme agreed between shareholders. All legal questions are solved.
  • January 2020. Mobile and tablets wallets beta-versions.
    iOS and Android wallets for IDC open beta-test. Dedicated tablet versions for iPad and Android Tablet.

Detailed project strategy available here. This document is updated each month at 1st and 15th days of month
(in case of any updates or changes).

1 - KYC required only for TOP-5 IDC coin holders, which are participate in pre-sale and become ID.DEX shareholders after official company registration.
2 - Under new sections on existing website we understand user news section and trading analytics section. Section's opening will be announced officially.
3 - ID.DEX Open Beta will be limited by trade pairs for first 7 days of running. In success result of testing, trading pairs quantity will be increased.
4 - Cryptoccurency climate in Estonia and law field allow to company to become official Cryptocurrency Exchange. LHV Bank officially support operations with cryptocurrency exchanges or wallets services.
5 - e-Estonia allow you to obtain Digital ID and start with company registration. It have serious limitation: you can register LLC only with this way. One of peculiar properties for LLC is responsibility limit. It limited by authorized capital amount. In the same time, Join Stock Company allow us to use subordinated liability for shareholders and it have no limit of responsibility by aythorized capital. This will motivate shareholders not only get income from ID.DEX, but work together with team for further project development.
6 - initial MasterNodes will be available for sale on June 15, 2019. Form of sale - auction. Place of sale - official IDChain Discord server. Starting bid size will be 0,5 BTC.

IDCC Technical and emission information

Information about IDCC Technical Specifications and Distribution

Technical specifications

Name and ticker: Interactive Decisions Chain Coin [IDC]
Consensus algorithm: POW and POS
POW phase duration: 144 840 blocks
PoW block reward: 10 IDC
Instamine protection: first 2000 blocks
Hashing algorithm: NIST5
Maximum IDC total supply: n/a (unlimited)
POS starting block: 144 841 block
POS block reward: 10 IDC7
POS block reward distribution: SeeSaw
Masternode reward activation: 2280 block
Premine: 1 000 000 IDC
Blocksize: 4 mb9
SegWit: yes9
Blocktime average: 2 minute (DGW3)
Number of transaction confirmations: 6 confirmations
Maturity: 60 confirmations
POW Miner reward before 15000 block
POW Masternode reward before 15000 block
POW Miner reward after 15000 block
POW Masternode reward after 15000 block

Premine distribution

Marketing share
IDChain development share
ID.DEX support share8
7 - following emission doesn't part of PoW emission. PoS emission is independent from PoW.
8 - following amount of coins after it used will be not returned back in circulation - it will be burned after each sponsor coin listing. Burning method - sending to nonexistng wallet address.
9 - included September 2019 fork to Fractal algo


The subscriber's email address.

Coins to be listed on beta start

Main taring pairs to be generated with the following coins.

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